Gymnasts Who Worry About What Others Think

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Social Approval in Gymnasts

Young gymnasts worry about what people are thinking about them when they are performing.

They worry about what their coaches think, if their routines look perfect and can score enough.

They worry about their parent’s opinions, whether or not their parents support and believe in them.

They worry about what they look like when they are up there performing.

They worry about impressing their friends and families.

The list could continue on with all the worries that young gymnasts face…

When gymnasts start to worry about what others think, their confidence suffers.

Instead of focusing on their skills and routines, they are too busy worried about what everyone else is thinking of them. By doing this, they are focusing on all the negative things people could be thinking, instead of all the positive parts of their performance.

So how do you help a young gymnast who is too worried about what others are thinking?

  • Help them identify when they start worrying about what others are thinking. When they come to you asking about what others have said or about what you think, help them identify that they are focusing on the wrong things.
  • Help them figure out who or what is making them worry. Help them realize their true reason for worry. Do they worry mainly about what their coach thinks or are they worried about their physical appearance?
  • Help them to see themselves as winners. Help foster their confidence. Even when they don’t perform as well as they hoped, encourage them and let them know that you are proud of them. Let them know what they did right instead of focusing on what they did wrong.
  • Help your gymnast replace their worry with something positive instead. Instead of saying things like, “I’m going to look really dumb if I mess this up in front of my friends. They will make fun of me if I fall,” say something like, “I have practiced this skill so many times and I know exactly what I am doing. I got this!”

One of the best things you can do as a parent is to let your gymnast know what they did well in their routine or skill. Point out the positive and don’t focus on the negative.

For young gymnasts who struggle with worrying about what others think, we suggest working through our The Confident Gymnast Workbook program.

Help your gymnast develop the confidence they need to excel in gymnastics!

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