Gymnastics Mental Game Assessment

Are You a Candidate for Mental Coaching?

Directions: Check off all statements that apply to your mental game in gymnastics.

Gymnastics Psychology You do not have well-defined goals. You lack direction.
Gymnastics Psychology You perform better in practice than during competition.
Gymnastics Psychology You worry about what others think about you and it affects your performance.
Gymnastics Psychology You maintain many self-doubts about your skills or routines during a competition.
Gymnastics Psychology You worry about letting others down by not performing up to others’ expectations.
Gymnastics Psychology You experience anxiety, worry, or excess tension when in competition.
Gymnastics Psychology You judge your performance as either good or bad with no middle ground.
Gymnastics Psychology Fear of falling causes you to perform your routines carefully instead of aggressively.
Gymnastics Psychology External awards, recognition, or praise motivates you.
Gymnastics Psychology You attach your self-worth to how well you perform in gymnastics.
Gymnastics Psychology You are not sure how to mentally prepare during warm-ups.
Gymnastics Psychology You become easily frustrated after mistakes because of high expectations.
Gymnastics Psychology You over analyze mistakes and thus think too much about technique.
Gymnastics Psychology You limit your performance with negative self-labels such as “I’m going to fall.”
Gymnastics Psychology You have trouble forgetting or letting go of bad past performances.

If you checked two or more of the boxes above, you are a good candidate to improve your gymnastics performance through mental game training. We will meet with you to further assess your mental game (using the Gymnastics Mental Aptitude Profile), discuss how to improve your mental toughness, and give you a mental game advantage in competition. Contact us today to begin your custom designed mental training program.

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