Encouraging Gymnasts’ Mental Strengths

Gymnast Psychology

Parents: Help Strengthen Your Gymnasts’ Mental Game

Parents and coaches, your gymnasts most likely have mental game strengths whether they have had any mental training or not.

It is helpful to identify and encourage those strengths in your gymnasts.

This will help your gymnast to boost their performance, by focusing on those mental game skills that they have already developed.

Understanding their mental game strengths can help them to continue improving their performance and speed learning in practice.

By improving their mental performance, they will become more confident, stronger and better performers overall.

To be able to encourage your gymnast in their mental performance, you need to know what these mental performance skills are.

Here are some mental game skills:

  • The ability to move past mistakes
  • The ability to cope with perfectionism
  • Strive for success, not just avoiding mistakes
  • Ability to focus on the performance and not get distracted too easily
  • Perform well under pressure
  • Focus on achievable goals
  • Focus on the process and not the score

To assess these traits in your gymnast, ask yourself these questions when they are performing:

  • Are they distracted or focused during a competition or practice?
  • How are they affected by pressure?
  • How do they react to other gymnast’s performances?
  • Do they get frustrated or angry with themselves when they make a mistake?

After a meet, reinforce their mental game strengths. Let them know that they did a good job focusing. For example, if they didn’t score as well as they had hoped at a competition, tell them that they did a great job keeping focused even with all the competition pressure.

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What are mental coaching students saying?

“It was amazing!!! Before the show, I really felt like I was becoming the part. I was oddly calm, which concerned me because I thought my nerves might kick in on stage! But, they didn’t! I stayed focused in each moment, and remained calm, and actually did the difficult tricks better than I ever have! My coaches were all so proud of me and the one who I know the best was marveling at my calm, poised manner throughout the ballet. They said it seemed like I was doing it for the 15th time, I looked so comfortable. This is the result of my work with you! You gave me the tools to tackle this huge mountain of a role, step by step! I am beyond happy!”
~Professional Ballerina, Student of Dr. Cohn in 2013


What All Gymnasts Must Know to Overcome Perfectionism

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What are gymnasts saying?

“Ashley wanted me to let you know that she placed very well at her competition this past weekend, thanks to you! She won the short, won the long, and had her personal best. She now looks at her competitions like ice shows and has fun. It is really nice to see her thoroughly enjoying the skate. She is very focused and very confident. We definitely attribute this to you.”
~Brenda Glassco, Skating Parent

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What are our mental coaching students and parents saying?

“I am so grateful for your insights and experience. My focus is sharp and I feel relaxed but ready to meet whatever challenge comes up. If I make a mistake, I am able to let it go and move on immediately. You have really helped me a lot to get back on track and get things going again.”
~Suzanne Strudwick

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