How to Cope With Distractions And Focus Better

Gymnastic Psychology

How Oklahoma Sooners Cope With Distractions Tuning into distractions can ruin the opportunity to nail your gymnastics routine. Many gymnasts talk about how they consistently hit their routines in practice then, all of a sudden, miss landings, bobble on the beam, slip off the bars or under-perform when it matters most. These gymnasts often blame performance anxiety for their inability … Boost Confidence>>

Help Your Gymnast Perform With Trust in Competition

Gymnast Psychology

Performing Freely in Gymnastics Does your gymnast have a hard time being “free” in competition? Is your gymnast afraid of making mistakes in competition leading them to perform conservatively? Does your gymnast perform well in practice but then freeze up in competition? Many gymnasts struggle with freezing up in competition. Gymnasts love to practice and improve but when they get … Boost Confidence>>

Gymnasts Who Over-Think Their Skills

Gymnast Psychology

Do You Overthink When Performing? Over-thinking in competition can completely impair a gymnast’s performance. Gymnasts are coached everyday to think about form and technique, but there’s a difference between improving your technique in practice and over-analyzing while performing. Over-thinking is an unproductive process, which is exacerbated during stressful competitions. Over-thinking creates a lack of trust in your skills, which physically … Boost Confidence>>