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Overcoming Disappointment With Mental Toughness

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Lexie Priessman Turns Disappointment into Mental Toughness As a gymnast, you will have your share of ups and downs. Consider your gymnastics career to be like a roller coaster ride… The peaks are exciting as you learn new skills, reach new heights athletically and attain new achievements. Along the way, you will also have disappointments, such as injuries, mistakes and … Boost Confidence>>

McKayla Maroney’s Key To Handling Adversity

Gymnast Psychology

Overcoming Adversity in Gymnastics If you are an elite gymnast, you will encounter adversity at some point in your career. Every athlete will get knocked down at some point in his or her career. Adversity comes in many forms such as injury, personal issues, bad officiating, teammate or coaching problems, failing to achieve some standard, etc. The most important thing … Boost Confidence>>