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How To Let Go of Mistakes In Gymnastics

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Moving on After Mistakes Mistakes happen in gymnastics. Even the most elite gymnasts make mistakes. By allowing these mistakes to bother you, it can mess up your performance and overall self-confidence. The number one distraction for gymnasts is dwelling on past mistakes. Dwelling on past mistakes can hurt your performance because you are not focused on the current skill. If … Boost Confidence>>

When Siblings Compete In Gymnastics

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Are Sibling Rivalries Healthy in Gymnastics? Being a sibling comes with many advantages and disadvantages… One large part of having a sibling is the constant competition. Whatever each sibling does, typically they will end up competing with each for their parents’ praise. If both are involved in gymnastics, this can increase sibling rivalry. Some siblings will be supportive and help … Boost Confidence>>

McKayla Maroney’s Key To Handling Adversity

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Overcoming Adversity in Gymnastics If you are an elite gymnast, you will encounter adversity at some point in your career. Every athlete will get knocked down at some point in his or her career. Adversity comes in many forms such as injury, personal issues, bad officiating, teammate or coaching problems, failing to achieve some standard, etc. The most important thing … Boost Confidence>>

Confidence Killers For Gymnasts

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What Are The Top Gymnast Confidence Killers? Confidence is a huge factor to your success gymnastics, especially in competition. It is so important for gymnasts to be confident to perform their best every day. When in competition, the confident gymnasts often score the best. They believe in themselves and their skills so they are more willing to take risks. Many … Boost Confidence>>