Perfectionism and High Expectations Trap

Avoid Perfectionism

Overcome Your Perfectionist Mindset Are you or your gymnast engrossed in a search of perfection? Gymnasts always seem to be shooting for perfection: the perfect landing, the perfect somersault, the perfect routine, or a perfect score. After all, as a gymnast, you want to be the best. You may think if you set your sights on the highest level possible, you … Boost Confidence>>

How to Cope With Pressure in Gymnastics

Gymnastics Psychology

How Audrey Tolbert Copes With Challenges Gymnastics can be such a mentally-draining sport… Sometimes, you are nailing routines and other times you feel it is impossible to perform a halfway decent routine. To add to the difficulty of gymnastics is the pressure heaped upon gymnasts from coaches and parents. It is no wonder that many gymnasts battle with wavering confidence … Boost Confidence>>

How Perfectionism Can Hold You Back

Gymnast Psychology

Overcoming Perfectionism One of the biggest issues with gymnasts today is their expectation of performance when competing. They expect for their performance to be perfect, even though this is an unreachable expectation. Although there are some advantages to perfectionism, there is also a major downside. Perfectionists tend to have a willingness to learn and improve, a strong work ethic, commitment … Boost Confidence>>

How To Let Go of Mistakes In Gymnastics

Mental Preparation

Moving on After Mistakes Mistakes happen in gymnastics. Even the most elite gymnasts make mistakes. By allowing these mistakes to bother you, it can mess up your performance and overall self-confidence. The number one distraction for gymnasts is dwelling on past mistakes. Dwelling on past mistakes can hurt your performance because you are not focused on the current skill. If … Boost Confidence>>