Do You Have a Sturdy or Fragile Confidence?

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Improving Gymnastic Confidence

When performing, does your confidence feel like it’s on a roller coaster? When you do well does your confidence soar and after one mistake, does it take a nosedive?

Some gymnasts have fragile self-confidence. This means their self-confidence changes quickly depending on how well they are performing.

Why do some gymnasts have stable self-confidence, while other gymnasts seem to have breakable confidence?

This has a lot to do how stable your confidence is when you perform. The most confident gymnasts believe in themselves consistently. They have built up this strong unbreakable confidence through years of practice and success.

They don’t let one mistake derail their confidence level. They learn to focus on the successes they have had and not their failures. They don’t let their confidence change based on their performance each day or even who they are competing against.

They let their talent and years of hard work influence their self-confidence. A true champion knows that they are not measured by the mistakes they have made but by their perseverance in the face of opposition or adversity.

The mark of a champion is the ability to have enduring self-confidence in the face of adversity or mistakes.

Another reason that some gymnasts have a more fleeting self-confidence is because they believe they are only as good as their last routine or competition.

Gymnasts who have ever changing confidence levels many times allow their doubts and false beliefs to overwhelm their thinking.

Keys to developing stronger confidence:

  • Learn to brush aside mistakes. Don’t allow them to linger in your mind.
  • Choose to look at the things you have accomplished and don’t focus on the mistakes you have made.
  • Allow yourself to celebrate and take pride in the goals you have accomplished.
  • Remind yourself how many years you have been working on your confidence.

Make sure to base your confidence in your experience and all the training you have done thus far. Don’t base confidence in how each competition goes.

By basing it on how every competition goes, you are going to end up on that confidence roller coaster. You aren’t perfect so your competitions aren’t always going to go perfectly either.

Increase your confidence by learning new skills and achieving goals you have set for yourself. The more confident you are as gymnast, the more consistent your performance.

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