Mental Strength in Gymnastics

Combating Fear With Mental Toughness

Gymnast Psychology

Building Mental Toughness in Gymnastics Do you fear failing at gymnastics competitions? Does the fear of failing cause you to under-perform? Think of a gymnastics competition where you felt a lot of pressure… Expectations were high… You thought, “What if I mess up… What will my coach say… what will my parents say?” You thought of every possible negative outcome. You … Boost Confidence>>

How To Let Go of Mistakes In Gymnastics

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Moving on After Mistakes Mistakes happen in gymnastics. Even the most elite gymnasts make mistakes. By allowing these mistakes to bother you, it can mess up your performance and overall self-confidence. The number one distraction for gymnasts is dwelling on past mistakes. Dwelling on past mistakes can hurt your performance because you are not focused on the current skill. If … Boost Confidence>>

Encouraging Gymnasts’ Mental Strengths

Gymnast Psychology

Parents: Help Strengthen Your Gymnasts’ Mental Game Parents and coaches, your gymnasts most likely have mental game strengths whether they have had any mental training or not. It is helpful to identify and encourage those strengths in your gymnasts. This will help your gymnast to boost their performance, by focusing on those mental game skills that they have already developed. … Boost Confidence>>