Mental Preparation for Gymnasts

Do Superstitions Help You Win In Competition?

Gymnast Psychology

Mental Preparation For Competition Some gymnasts have superstitions that they hold on to for their competitions. Some have to wear a certain leotard or eat a certain meal beforehand. Some even chose not to wash their “lucky” leotard, because they feel this takes away their good luck. They feel if they don’t hold to these superstitions, they won’t perform well … Boost Confidence>>

Gymnasts Who Over-Think Their Skills

Gymnast Psychology

Do You Overthink When Performing? Over-thinking in competition can completely impair a gymnast’s performance. Gymnasts are coached everyday to think about form and technique, but there’s a difference between improving your technique in practice and over-analyzing while performing. Over-thinking is an unproductive process, which is exacerbated during stressful competitions. Over-thinking creates a lack of trust in your skills, which physically … Boost Confidence>>

Kat Ding: The Disciplined Gymnast

Gymnast Psychology

Self-Discipline in Gymnastics Discipline and focus are qualities that elite gymnasts seek to develop and improve throughout their careers. Self-discipline is the ability to control one’s impulses, emotions, thoughts and behavior. A disciplined gymnast chooses the long-term satisfaction and fulfillment from achieving his goals over immediate pleasure and instant gratification. Though discipline is an action, it starts with a decision, … Boost Confidence>>