Preparing Mentally For Post-Season Meets

Mental Preparation

How to Mentally Prepare For Big Meets Competition seasons are long and arduous… The grind of the season can take a toll on a gymnast’s body as they overcome injuries and physical tiredness, but the mental part of the sport can be more challenging. Dealing with mental exhaustion, pressure of a big meet, personal issues, travel, overcoming an end of … Boost Confidence>>

Do Superstitions Help You Win In Competition?

Gymnast Psychology

Mental Preparation For Competition Some gymnasts have superstitions that they hold on to for their competitions. Some have to wear a certain leotard or eat a certain meal beforehand. Some even chose not to wash their “lucky” leotard, because they feel this takes away their good luck. They feel if they don’t hold to these superstitions, they won’t perform well … Boost Confidence>>