Mental Game Tips for Gymnasts

Improving Concentration in Gymnastics

How to Cope with Distractions Attention, Distraction and Competition In gymnastics, there are many potential distractions during a meet. Different competitive arenas, the importance of a meet, the bounce of the equipment and the crowd are all factors vying for your focus. Not to mention, a small bobble in an earlier routine, bad week of practices, trying out a new … Boost Confidence>>

Staying Calm And Focused at Meets

Gymnast Psychology

Managing Gymnastic Meet Anxiety Buzz phrases like “Stay calm,” “Relax and focus,” “Don’t over-think, just play” and “Have fun” swirl around the minds of competitive gymnasts. Gymnastic coaches constantly advise their gymnasts to relax and block out distractions, yet anxiety still seems to seep into the minds of many gymnasts wreaking havoc on their performance. Some athletes resign themselves to … Boost Confidence>>