How to Use Visualization to Improve Consistency

Visualization in Gymnastics

How to Improve Your Consistency in Gymnastics What separates elite gymnasts from non-elite gymnasts? Elite gymnasts are able to perform their routines with consistency. There are not huge fluctuations from meet to meet with top-level gymnasts. The next question would be: How do you increase your consistency when performing your routines? Well, the one mental skill that has the biggest … Boost Confidence>>

Mental Imagery for Gymnasts

Gymnast Psychology

What’s Your Learning Style? Everyone has a dominant learning style. Many learn by watching, others learn by listening to instructions, and some learn by feeling. Visualization is introduced to athletes so they can see themselves performing their sport in their thoughts. The athlete sees herself performing a routine at her best. As a gymnast, I (Wendy Bruce) was introduced to … Boost Confidence>>